zagatto (zagatto) wrote,

Scary stuff

This week we took little ZuZu in to have her baby maker removed. Vicky wasn't expecting a call from the vet before lunch. The news was that ZuZu wasn't well enough for the operation and it looked like our little girl might be suffering from renal kidney failure.

This news was about as bad as it could get. Renal kidney failure usually only affects older cats and is typically fatal. To say this sucked the wind from our sails would be an understatement. The vet wasn't 100% certain of the diagnosis so we would have to wait to find out the results of the tests.

The past two days have been filled with anticipation and high hopes as we waited for a specialist to come in from Mississauga to check out our little girl. The good news is that ZuZu only has a kidney infection and a few weeks of modern medicine should make her all better.

To think of the troubles that some kittens will go through just to avoid an operation. It's nice to be able to snuggle with our kitten and not be burdened with thoughts that we might be enjoying some of our last snuggles. I'm looking forward to watching her grow into a cat.

After that scare I think it's a good thing to share something that makes me happy. Here's a music video that can't be embedded in LJ but makes me happy. It's the song F*ck You by Lily Allen. It's definitely not for kids but certainly worth a listen if you haven't heard it already.
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