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Great start to the week

Life has been pretty good to me lately but this week stands out as one of the better ones so far.
Sunday saw me gaming with my old gaming group and being reminded why I enjoyed gaming with those guys so much.
Monday filled me with pride watching Katina ride her bicycle with no training wheels and anticipation at plans made to spend time with a friend I don't get to see nearly often enough. I also had a face to face meeting with a manager that told me I'm doing very well and that people in the office actually look up to me as an example (if I had any more pride it just might lead to hubris).
Today started with me watching the morning sun illuminate the countryside from my new window seat at work and all of the callers challenged me with issues that I had to think about and was able to provide solutions to. I also scheduled an interview for a position that I would love to do that would give me more flexible hours if I should get it (I'm happy just to get the interview... lots of qualified candidates I know applied for the position). After work, Vicky and I took the kids for a bike ride through the park.

About my only complaint is learning that people are sending messages to me in Facebook and I'm not getting them. That's a fairly small complaint.

Life is good.

Oh yeah... this was last week but deserves to be included. ZuZu is continuing to get better and has started terrorizing the house again like a good kitten.
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