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Rambling update

Even though people can easily see that I haven't posted in a long time I feel obligated to mention that it has been a long time since I posted here. Most of my updates these days are quick status updates over in Facebook land but seem to lack content. Today is the first time I have had time to write out an actual update.

To start with, I'm sorry for blowing off all the email that I haven't responded to. Outside of work, the only time I spend on the computer any more is a few minutes of unwinding by doing my daily clicks in Mafia Wars (which really isn't that satisfying) or uploading photos. That apology reminds me that I should probably be working on email rather than updating my journal but I will press on here with time slated for email once I'm done.

Work is still pretty much the same in that it is changing all the time. I get to do a fair number of special projects and I have been offered a few oportunities to travel (I turned down the trip to India because it would mean 3 months away from home). I'm lucky to have finally found a job that makes me happy and where my efforts are noticed by management. There are still a few rough spots to the job but management is aware of them and we are working on resolving things one at a time.

This coming weekend, I'll be driving to Michigan to see my son graduate from high school. I am very proud of him for this accomplishment and his continued hard work. We had a great road trip together around Lake Michigan where we got to know each other better and strengthened our relationship more than ever.

The following weekend, I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday in Hamilton with anyone that wants to show up to drive 40 laps at the go kart track. While I'm not paying for the track time, I will be providing drinks and munchies and having a great time.

Vicky and I are also looking at what we'll need to do to be land owners again. We both agree that paying a mortgage is much better than paying rent. Unfortunately, housing in the areas we are looking appears to start at $250k for a fixer upper and quickly blows past the $300k mark for something desireable. We are looking at finances and seeing what options are available to us that will keep us from having to commute too far and still allow the kids to grow up in a safe neighbourhood with good schools.

Somehow, buying the house feels like a bigger deal than our plans to get married next fall. It will be nice to have the house with the white picket fence, 2.6 children and corporate jobs.

I wonder how I found all the time for SCA that I used to invest. Outside of work, spending time with Vicky and the kids only leaves a little spare time. I use that spare time for semi-regular gaming, photography, road trips, bike riding, reading and working on model kits. My venture into racing proved to be far to expensive for our budget and has been put on hold till the kids have all grown and moved out of the house.

Now that I've done a broad update, I'm going to tackle some of those email I need to reply to. My intent is to update here more often. Let's see how far intent will take me.
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